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Annual Report Filing at Bulgarian Commercial Register - Official Company Register at the Registry Agency

Companies operating in Bulgaria are registered in the Central Commercial Register at the Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice.

Under Article 40 of the Bulgarian Accountancy Act, traders under the Commercial Law must publish their Annual Financial Report - by filing it in the Commercial Register. The Sole Traders whose reports need independant financial audit have to publish accounts by May 31 next year. All Limited Companies are obliged to announce reports by 30 of June next year, others - by July 31 next year.

Please Note: This applies even to limited companies that are not operational during the reporting period. They should publish an 'empty income statement'.

In fulfillment of this obligation within the time stated, the laws provide strong sanctions. Under the Accountancy Act fines ranging from 1000 to 3000 lev, and under the Commercial Register Act - percentage of the net revenue. 

We offer our assistance in submitting Annual Financial Statements (AFS) in the Commercial Register. We shall prepare the necessary protocols for the adoption of AFS, profit-sharing and competently fill in the application forms for declaring the act. You are required to provide us certified by the Management Board Annual Financial Report for the year or we will be pleased to prepare the report for you.

State fee for publicating is 40 lev for manually submitting and 20 lev - electronically.

To do this for you, your accountant needs legalized at Notary Public Power-of-attorney.
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